Philips Amateur Radio Club
(HP/Agilent Radio Club in 2000)

Field Day 2000

In front of Building 1, Andover, Massachusetts

sign.jpg (17028 bytes)
Welcoming sign


op_tent1.jpg (83673 bytes)
The operating "shack"


lb_site2.jpg (25690 bytes)
The site and


site2.jpg (50718 bytes)
Another view


HexBeam_dwn.jpg (44542 bytes)
The Hex Beam


pole1.jpg (39279 bytes)
The "pole"


Hexbeam_up2.jpg (24140 bytes)
The Hex Beam in place


hex_beam2.jpg (10981 bytes)
The Hex Beam again


40M_Inv_V.jpg (24480 bytes)
40M Inverted V


VhfUhf_ant1.jpg (66308 bytes)
VHF/UHF Antennas


VhfUhf_ant2.jpg (35902 bytes)
Vhf/Uhf antenna details


op_vhf.jpg (25760 bytes)
VHF/UHF operating position


op_tony1.jpg (26067 bytes)
Tony, K1KP


k1pad.jpg (36331 bytes)
Rick, K1PAD


pw_relax.jpg (27716 bytes)
Phil, W1PW


PW_packet.jpg (35192 bytes)
Phil, W1PW and Stan, N1HSM, working on Packet


aprs1.jpg (25931 bytes)
generator.jpg (31603 bytes)
The generator
solar_panels.jpg (96982 bytes)
Solar panels
food1.jpg (44390 bytes)

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