Philips Amateur Radio Club
(HP/Agilent Radio Club in 1999)

Field Day 1999

In front of Building 1, Andover, Massachusetts

Welcoming sign


One view 
of the "Shack"

Another view


And another


The Tribander 
"on the grass"


"Ready to Raise"


The Tribander and VHF/UHF Vertical


The 80M dipole


Tony's Motor Home


Tony, K1KP,
operating with Taylor


Our "cafe"


Our "cafe"
and the beam


Phil's Motor Home


Jeff, N1RD
running SSB


Tom, W1HET,
pounding brass


Larry, W1DYJ,
and the VHF station



Rick, K1PAD

Carmen, K1LKP

Phil, W1PW,
and Bernie

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