W1DLO's 10-meter Beacon Photos...

This beacon is set up on top of an antique record player
stand in the corner of the game/exercise room in the
basement of my parents' house in Calais...

This is the controller. It is a RCA TH2002RDR which is a
mp3 player with one single mp3 file that contains the CW
string and is set to continuously repeat...

This is the transmitter which is a partially working
Galaxy DX99V where my desired TX frequency worked.
It is always transmitting on USB through a modified
microphone cord I made in the 1990s which has a toggle
switch for TX/RX and terminates to a 3.5mm male mono
connector. This connector is what plugs into the MP3
player's female jack...

This is the current antenna for this 10m beacon. It is a
Solarcon A-99 on three 10' sections of 1" rigid conduit
putting it 30' in the air AGL to the base of it...

Here is a different angle of my beacon antenna overlooking
the St. Croix River at low tide. This is the river that
separates Calais, ME USA and St. Stephen, NB Canada along
with the time zones for EST/EDT and AST/ADT. (The Canadian
side is one hour ahead of the United States side)...

Click here to see a street view of the location through Google.
FYI: Last time I checked, Google uses an older dated image where
I had used a prior beacon antenna that was mounted on the roof by a
tripod versus now where it's mounted on the opposite side of the
house from the ground.

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