Society Structure

Last update was: October 31, 1999

The Connecticut Radio Society was founded during 1999 by a mutual interest in radio contesting, special on-air events and the belief in the continuation of the radio art. Below we list our structure.

Society Mission Statement:

To provide active amateurs a fraternal organization that promotes radio contesting, special on-air events, technological advancement and the continuation of the radio art.

Society Overview:

The Connecticut Radio Society is primarily a virtual organization. Membership consists of a core of active radio amateurs. These amateurs encompass a wide variety of operating preferences and disciplines. This core group solicits among the amateur community for additional members. These solicitations are made to enhance our operating teams.

Society Table of Organization:

The Connecticut Radio Society is organized in accordance with the current Federal Communications Commission regulations. The Society's table of organization is listed below:


Comm. Team---------Tech. Team

Society Bylaws:

Article 1: All members will be licensed amateur radio operators.

Article 2: All members will be active operators.

Article 3: All members will assist other members in enhancing their personal stations.

Article 4: Each member will actively operate one Society operating event annually.

Article 5: Trustee and President are non-elected, office for life positions.

Article 6: Meetings shall be held to discuss the planning of operating events.

Article 7: Dues shall be levied to cover costs.

Article 8: The Society will strive for a 100% QSL rate.

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