Hi, my handle is Ron and I am a member of The Greater Norwalk Amateur Radio Club.
I have been licensed since 1949. My first license was an "Operator Only" license because I was in the military, living in a barracks with 30 other men, and I could not prove station control. I've had a succession of calls since that time and just recently received my new call, W1ARS (W1 Amateur Radio Station). I enjoy all bands, but I am partial to 160 meters (SSB, AM, CW). I can't get on the air just now because of relocating, but I'm hopeful that my antennae will soon be up and sparking. I am currently rebuilding an old Army BC-610 and would like to hear from others using this behemoth of Ancient Modulation.

Hope 2 c u soon here or there, or on the air...

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Thanks for stopping by and 73.

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