Our most recient card.  She says the cartoon is incorrect I should be providing the food! What will the NEW card look like?

My first QSL card.  I had more TVI complaints than QSOs.  Not many of these went out so if you have one your a lucky duck!

I sent out a fair number of these "photo" cards.  No, that's not my QTH but a picture of the spacecraft from one of my fav movies 2001 a Space Odyssey.  Look out Frank!

If you haven't guessed I like to "rite."  I've written for plenty of magazines (Tons of Computer Mags) Electric Radio, CQ Japan, Communications Quarterly and so on.  But my first love is still QST.  If you get a chance read my stuff!  I still have kit of parts for most of my projects (Except the Stealth Tuner) that's easy enough that you should have the parts in your junkbox.  If you interested in them check out my biz web page Dover Research Corp If you like to homebrew you need a good CAD program.  Check out my favorite at Holophase if your a Ham and order the program through Dover you will save a TON of money.  I'm still looking for a J36 Bug made by the Lionel Toy Company Circa 1940's  If you have one you would like to sell (it must have the original SN/Tag) give me a jingle.

Lionel J-36 Bug
Got one?  I STILL want one!!!

I really do look like my QSL card!