W�PWE -- SST-20
A 20M QRP CW Transceiver built Manhattan Style

One of my favorite projects was this SST for 20 Meters. The SST was designed by Wayne Burdick, N6KR and described in the Spring 1997 issue of QRPp. The SST Kit is commercially available, but I though it would be fun to build one from scratch. A scratch built rig allowed me to freely modify the circuit to meet my needs. Some of the mods are my own but many of them were desrcibed in QRP-L postings compiled by AL7FS and made available on his web site.

This is my third experience with Manhattan construction techniques. I thought it would be fun to try to rough layout before actually building the rig. The graphic below is the result of that work. I used Circad PCB design software and created a few library symbols to make the task easier.

Below are some pictures of the SST under construction and in use. 14 months after my first SST QSO, my log showed 671 QSOs with the little rig and of those 204 were made while operating mobile. I developed a keyer and frequency counter for a PIC 16F84 Microcontroller and built that into the SST (see Keyer/AFA project). Later I added an RIT circuit.

Board Layout

Milling the board to size

VXO Circuit built and oscillating

Receiver Section

Functional and on the air

SST with Front Panel

SST in Enclosure

Operating Mobile with the SST

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