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Although my Current Projects and Finished Projects pages have homebrew information specific to certain projects, this page provides a little more general information. I will add more items as I go along but for now it has some general information on building Manhattan sytle radios and links to some of my favorite home brew sites.

Click on the following links to learn more about homebrew practices in the WPWE shop:

Making IC pads for Manhattan Construction
Working with Super Glue and How to Get Your Fingers Apart Again
Matching Crystals for IF Filters

Here are a few of my Favorite Homebrew Related Links

  • K8IQY Homepage, lots of beautiful examples of Manhattan Construction
  • Excellent Analysis of the SW40+ Crystal Filter from Elmer101
  • Reg Edward's Collection of FREE Radio Engineering/Modeling Programs (Very Useful)
  • Impedance Matching Network Designer
  • N8IE's Capacitor Chart
  • Toroid properties, turns calculator, winding data etc from W8DIZ

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