My name is Steven Romondo and I was first licensed as WBØISW in October of 1972. Since that time I have been active from three QTH's in the Kansas City area and also from several foreign countries. My current interests are mainly HF DX and antenna design. I am active on all bands inclusive of 160 Meters thru 1296 mHz from a four acre QTH near the city of Olathe, Kansas, with monoband antennas located on multiple towers. I received my present callsign as part of the Vanity Callsign program in the fall of 1996. I am a medical doctor and have been a staff anesthesiologist at Olathe Medical Center in Olathe, Kansas, from November,1975, thru August, 2004. I am currently in the retail liquor business working as the Wine Manager for the 31,000 square foot LUKAS LIQUOR SUPERSTORE owned by Harry Lukas in the southern part of Kansas City, Missouri.


Foreign callsigns previously held include: G5CVN, ZF2AV, and VP1SAR and portable operations as /KH6, and /KP2.


I have been the PacketCluster Sysop for the Kansas City DX Club since 1990 using DX PacketCluster from 1990 to May, 1999,and, since Dayton 1999, am currently using AR-Cluster as the local link into the international Packet Cluster environment on the Internet. As of 4 September, 2000, the current connection to the Internet is via Cable Modem thru Com-Cast. Connection to the Kansas City Cluster is available via telnet at wØ on the internet or via local RF connection on two meters using either 1200 or 9600 baud on 144.950 MHz. There is a lot of empty space in zero land and RF links to other Cluster nodes are not feasible.





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