June 27, 28 - 2015

1B - MN

WØDYD operated portable zero at the Jonathan Kemper residence in Little Sauk, MN. Operation was on 80, 40, 20 and 15 meters using a Yaesu FT100D, LDG YT100 Antenna Tuner, gas driven emergency power generator, and a G5RV antenna strung between the chimney and mail box. HF conditions were very poor from this location both days of the contest. N3FJP contest logging software was used to keep track of the contacts. My grandson, Jonathan, assisted with the logging as he is studying to take his license exam. We had a three hour delay as we needed to repair the generator gas shut off valve before it would start, followed by a termination of operations in the evening due to lightning strikes and heavy rain. Field day is a test of emergency equipment and the operator by exchanging a number associated with the operating conditions and the state location. Hours of operation start around noon on Saturday and end Sunday afternoon.

I contacted 145 stations by morse code (CW) and 4 stations by voice (Single Sideband) in 39 states and 47 sections. Here are some pictures of the setup.

2007 Honda Arrives

Equipment in Trunk

Operations Tent

Antenna Installation

Jonathan Gases the Generator

Gary and Jonathan