Jones County ARES Information


Suggested ARES simplex working frequencies:

JONES County:  147.555 MHz

Adjacent Counties:

Cedar: 147.450 MHz

Delaware: 147.465 MHz

Dubuque: 146.475 MHz

Jackson: 146.430 MHz

Linn: 146.505 MHz/147.480 MHz

District 6 Mutual Aid: 147.585 MHz ??

Scott County (home of the Davenport NWS office): 146.475 MHz


The ARES Call List is now available as an Open Office File (.ods)

UPDATED 14 Sep 2019


Open Office is a free, open source application

similar to Microsoft Office

You may download Open Office here


CURRENT ARES CALL - Weekly List (Adobe Acrobat File)

UPDATED 14 Sep2019

 ARES NET Call Up Script (MS Word)

UPDATED 09-07-2015