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In the spring of 2008 I had the chance to purchase a Craftsman 101.21400 (Atlas 618) metal lathe from the estate of a very close family friend who was the original purchaser of the lathe in about 1960. When I visually checked the lathe for condition and wear, I decided that he probably didn't have more than ten hours use on it. For example, there are no apparent scratches or other obvious wear on the bed ways. Along with the lathe itself came both three jaw and four chucks, Jacobs chucks for both the headstock and tailstock, various tool holders, a reversible motor with drum switch, and a little bit of tooling. Because the lathe had sat on his garage bench for many years, the oil and other lubricants were all pretty well dried up, but since it was covered, it was actually pretty clean and rust free. Consequently, the lathe will probably need pretty much a complete tear down, cleaning, and re-assembly. Because my garage shop is no where near ready for the lathe, it is currently wrapped and sealed in heavy plastic sheeting and stored in my shed.
Atlas 618 Lathe
Along with the lathe, I also purchased a heavy duty Craftsman 150 bench top drill press of about the same age from the same estate. The drill press had a lot more use over the years than the lathe but is still in very good condition but also in need of a fair amount of cleaning and re-lubricating.
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Craftsman 150 Drill Press
I'll be posting images below as the process of setting up my home machine shop continues.
Lathe as installed in Victor's garage in April 2008. (1)
Lathe as installed in Victor's garage in April 2008. (2)
These two pictures are of the Craftsman lathe as installed in the original owner's garage. The lathe was covered in plastic sheeting, but was buried under about three feet of empty boxes and other miscellaneous stuff.
My garage in June 2008. (1)
My garage in June 2008. (2)
Yes, there really is a garage under all this stuff somewhere!! This is where my home machine shop will eventually be located. The lathe will go along the right hand wall.

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