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USS Hamner (DD-718)

Here's a few pictures of the USS Hamner that I've gathered. I'll be placing more pictures on this page as I get them. If anyone has pictures of any vintage that they'd like to share, please e-mail me. I'd like to scan them and put them on this page, and will give you credit for anything used.

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The following pictures were provided by MMCM Greg Peterman(SS) at The Goatlocker.
USS Hamner (DD-718)
USS Hamner (DD-718)
USS Hamner (DD-718) steaming in the South China Sea headed for Bombay, India on 8 April 1960.
The following picture was sent by Adam Hamner, and was taken by a US Navy photographer in July 1972. Location unknown. Adam is a distant cousin (300 years to a common ancestor) of LT Henry R. Hamner, the namesake of the USS Hamner (DD-718). LT Hamner was killed in a Kamikaze attack on the USS Howorth (DD-592) in WW-II.
US Navy image taken by PH1 Coan, possibly from the USS Saratoga (CVA-60).

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