Hi Ernie,

I was never able to find this information when I was setting up my PSK mode
last year. Hope you may find it useful. It is as simple as disconnecting the
cable of the "TO-TNC" 8 - pin male DIN connector from my Kantronics KAM-Plus
and porting that connector to a new one from the interface board.

A. MFJ To Interface

Here is the pin-out of the MFJ-1272B-YH Male DIN connector that I have used
to connect my Digipan-like homebrew interface.

1 - PTT
2- Gnd
3 - Tx Audio
7 - Rx Audio

In Digital mode, the MFJ switch is set in the "TNC" position.

B. MFJ Modification for Receive Audio during CW/SSB Operation

In order to hear normal Receive Audio during TS450 operation, I added a
jumper to  pins 1 to 3 of the internal HD-4 connector of the MFJ-1272B-YH.
This enables the "Ext. Speaker" port of this MFJ interface. When needed, set
the MFJ to "MIC" position.

If any additional information is required, please contact me.



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(Laurence A Bay)