Camp Stanley Korea 1973-2005

Camp Stanley Gate

Cp Stanley Main Gate, 1973

Camp Stanley is located approximately three miles outside of the city of Uijongbu, less than 20 miles north of the center of Seoul. Cp. Stanley is located 4 miles southeast of Cp. Red Cloud and about 7 miles north-northeast of the outskirts of Seoul. The Kwangju Mountain Range, an offshoot of the Taebaek Mountains lies to the west. One way trip to Seoul from Camp Stanley takes about two hours by car or bus. Camp Stanley began as an unnamed Tent City in 1955 occupied by the 11th EB, 7th ID. In 1958 it was named after one of the 36th Engineering Battalion's Commanders, Col. Stanley. The first Permanent building was erected in 1969. In 1971 the 7th ID took over the camp, when they moved units from Paju in the DMZ area to Stanley. In 1976 the 2nd ID took over the 7th ID mission.

Primary Mission of the Installation : To provide artillery and aviation support for the 2nd Infantry Division. Supported Units : Division Artillery Headquarters 6th Battalion, 37th Field Artillery F Battery, (Target Acquisition) 26th Field Artillery A Battery, 38th Field Artillery Aviation Brigade Headquarters 2nd Battalion 2nd Aviation 602d Aviation Support Battalion B Detachment, 509th Personnel Services Battalion 6th Platoon, 2 Military Police Company D Company 702 Maintenance Battalion

From the mid 70s. Pictures from Steve Whittles

This looks like the same building the 36th Eng used

The Lower Gate, near the Air Field

The Village Gate

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