Camp Humphreys Korea

Pictures of Camp Humphreys and Anjung-ri
from 1980-Present

Below pictures from Ted Matthews, a Clerk at the Post Finance Office 1988-89

The area where the row of buses are parked, is the new TMP Motor Pool

Bottom left are Family Housing towers. Beyond the towers
you can see the new land for the post's expansion.

looking south, shows Soldiers Field ball fields. Near the center of the photo is the Super Gym with 300-car parking garage. The Super Gym has a huge basketball court that can be divided in three smaller courts, a 25-meter lap swimming pool, hot tub, male and female saunas, climbing wall, banked and padded indoor track (10 laps make a mile), weight and exercise rooms.

The high-rise buildings are Soldier barracks. Each Soldier has his or her own room and they share a bathroom with another Soldier. The single-story building between the two high rises is a mess hall that just opened. It can feed 400 Soldiers at a time and features flatscreen TVs and free WiFi wireless Internet service

This is a shot of Zoekler Station. Beyond it you'll see the airfield, MP Hill and the new land. The high rises are barracks, the single story building that's shaped like a semi-circle (right side, between two barracks) is a messhall. The block-like building next to the water tower is a brand new gym complete with basketball courts, weight rooms, exercise rooms, climbing wall and locker rooms. It is one of three new gyms opened here in the last year.

The above pictures taken April 2009
U.S. Army photos by Bob McElroy. Courtesy of
U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys Public Affairs Office.

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