Ft Knox 1st Armor Training Regiment
Mar to Sept 1960

Map Showing Where it was Located

It is in the top left

After Basic Training, I was assigned to a HQ Company of the 1st Armor Training Regiment. This Company had the Regiment Staff, Clerks, Cooks, Drivers, and Mechanics assigned to it.

I was assigned for On the Job Training as a Truck Driver. We had several M211 2 1/2 ton trucks, and M38A1 Jeeps, that we used to transport the staff and troops to the Tank Ranges for the Armor Training. Our Motor Pool was on the West side of Wilson Rd. I worked here as a Driver from March to Sept 1960, then was assigned to South Korea.

I do not remember the exact unit designation. I had requested a copy of my Army Records, but I was told the ones from here were lost in a fire. I requested a copy of my LES for April to August 1960, which would of had the Unit, but they said they only go back to 1964.

If you know what the exact unit was, please email me. I would love to add a few photos also.

This is the same area in 2020

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