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1 - Beverage Articles

Radio Receiving System Patent 13830896/7/1921H.H. BeverageSingle wire  version of the Beverage Antenna
Radio Receiving System Patent 143498411/7/1922H.H. BeverageTwo wire version of the Beverage Antenna
Radio Receiving System Patent 143498511/7/1922H.H. BeverageTwo wire version of the Beverage Antenna with 2 receivers
Radio Receiving System Patent 143498611/7/1922H.H. BeverageVariation of the two wire Beverage
Radio Receiving System Patent 14873083/18/1924H.H. BeverageVariation of single wire Beverage
Radio Receiving System Paten 155612210/6/1925H.H. BeverageTwo wire version of the Beverage Antenna with nulling antenna
Radio Receiving System Patent 16587402/7/1928C.W.RiceSpecial adaptation of the Beverage/wave antenna
Directive Antenna System Patent 17682396/24/1930C.R.EnglundDirective Antenna System
Wave Antenna Patent 18166147/28/1931R.H.RangerWave Antenna
Broadside Antenna Array Patent 16779567/24/1928S.W.DeanBroadside Antenna Array
Notes on the Beverage Antenna9/1923KennetheRadio Magazine
Propagation coefficient of the Beverage aerial7/1972P.Knight, EngProceedings IEEE
THE BEVERAGE ANTENNA: A Practical way of assessing the radiation pattern using off-air signals12/1991Lyner, EngBBC Research Department Report
The Propagation Coeffient of the Beverage Aerial10/1971P.KnightBBC Research Department Report
The Wave Antenna for 200 Meter Reception11/1922H.H.BeverageThe Original QST article
The Wave Antenna, New Type of Highly Directive Antenna 2/1923Beverage, Rice, Kellog Proceedings of the AIEE


Classic Beverage Antenna Revisited1/1982Beverage & DemawQST Magazine
Memorandum on the Beverage Wave Antenna for Reception of Frequencies in the 550 - 1500 Kilocycles Band Wolf & Andersen  Federal Communications Commission
Six Antennas from Three Wires 10/1983Hopengarten & Clarke 73 Magazine
The Wave Antenna for Transmission and Reception 11/1983Ronald W.P.KingIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION, VOL. AP-31, NO. 6
Beverage Antenna for Amateur Communications1/1983Belrose, Litva, Moss, StevensQST Magazine
Beverage Antennas There's More to Them Than Meets the Eye2/1997G.R. Nichols KD9SVCQ Magazine, p32
Study of Beverage Wave Antenna for Use With Low Frequency LORAN1/1949UnknownPart 1: RCA for Air Material Command, Watson Lab
Study of Beverage Wave Antenna for Use With Low Frequency LORAN1/1949UnknownUnknown

2 - Grounds & Grounding


Ground Conductivity Survey for Beverage Antenna Site San Clemente Island 21-24 May 1990

3/1991D.G Fern

NAVAL OCEAN SYSTEMS CENTER San Diego, California; Technical Document 2067

FCC Ground Conductivity Chart2/1954UnknownFCC
Ground Screen an Alternative to a Buried Radial System J.Robert Sherwood WB0JCPMay 1977Ham Radio Magazine
Influence of the ground near transmitting and receiving
aerials on the strength of medium-frequency sky waves
Knight, et alUnknownUnknown
Measurement Of Soil Electrical Parameters At HFRudy Severns N6LFUnknownRudy explains how anyone can make accurate measurements of ground characteristics
Performance of Conventional Burried Wire Radials vs Insulated Wire Radials Used as Ground System for Vertical Antennas Archibald C. DotyNovember 1983Presented at Radio Club of America

3 - Special Graph Paper

Smith chart and it's use

Color Smith ChartUnknownUnknownUnknown
BW Smith ChartUnknownUnknownUnknown
ARRL Radio Designer and the Circles Utility Part 1Fall 1998W.R.SabinQEX Magazine

Impedance matching and the Smith chart – The Fundamentals

7/2000K.Chan & A. HarterRF Design

4 - Common Mode Chokes


Common-Mode Chokes

4/2006Chuck Counselman, W1HIS
Coaxial Transmitting ChokesUnknownJim Brown K9YC

Audio Systems Group, Inc.

A Ham's Guide to RFI, Ferrites, Baluns, and Audio Interfacing  6/2010Jim Brown K9YC

Audio Systems Group, Inc.

Cost-effective Ferrite Chokes and BalunsUnknownIan White, GM3SEK 
Measured Data for Chokes wound on Various Choke Cores at HFUnknownJim Brown K9YC

Audio Systems Group, Inc.

Coaxial Chokes on #61 Toroidal Cores5 May 2008Jim Brown K9YC

Audio Systems Group, Inc.


5 - Transmission Lines

C RURAL WIRE12/1956A.P.JahnBell Labs
C_Rural Wire  Superior Essex Datasheet

Estimation of Frequency-Impedance Characteristics of Parallel Wire

UnknownAtsuo Mutoh, Shuichi Nitta, Masahiro Wakai and Toshio InomataTokyo University of Agriculture & Technology 

Twisted-pair transmission-line distributed parameters

UnknownT Kien Truong, The Boeing Co  
Mutual Impedance of Parallel WiresUnknownRay S. Hoyt and Sallie Pero MeadBell System Technical Journal
Half and Quarter Wavelength LinesUnknownUnknownUnknown

Electrical Characteristics of Transmission Lines


Supplemental Notes Two-Wire and Parallel Plate Transmission Lines

2/28/00K. A. Connor Revised: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Waves and Impedances on Transmission LinesUnknownUnknownUnknown
Balanced Transmission Lines in Current Amateur Practice


Rev 3/25/99

Wes Stewart, N7WS 
6 - Other Receiving Antennas   
An Improved Feed Network for Loop Type Receiving Antennas

Sept, Oct 2009

Rick Karlquist N6RKNCJ - National Contest Journal
Low Band Receiving Loops


Rick Karlquist N6RK

Presented at Pacificon

Design optimization and applications, including SO2R on the same band

Receiving loop comparison: Pixel vs 20 ft and 40 ft passive loops   

Loop Antennas for HF Reception


BRIGHTON         C & S Antennas Ltd.,

7 - Miscellaneous Data   
American & Metric Wire Gauge, Current and Size


J. Sears 
VTL5C3 & 5C4 Vactrol specifications PerkinElmer OptoelectronicsLight controlled resistor for single wire Beverage termination
Reactance Chart UnknownGraphical aid to determining Reactance
8 - 6 Meter Propagation   

F-Region Propagation and the Equatorial Ionospheric Anomaly

 Jim Kennedy, KH6/K6MIO


 Jim Kennedy, KH6/K6MIO

Misc paper with no title not sure where this fits in 

F-Region Propagation and the Equatorial Ionospheric Anomaly Jim Kennedy, KH6/K6MIO 

50MHz F2 Propagation Mechanizms

2000Jim Kennedy, KH6/K6MIO

Proceedings of the 34th Conference of the
Central States VHF Society; p87

A Model for Diurnal Effects in Multihop Sporadic E

2001Jim Kennedy, KH6/K6MIO

Proceedings of the 35th Central States VHF Society Conference, p 55                                           HARD COPY ONLY

Time-of-Day Effect in Six-Meter Multihop Sporadic E Propagation,


Robert Magnani K6QXY, Robert Mobile K1SIX,     James Kennedy K6MIO/KH6

Proceedings of the 35th Central States VHF Society Conference, p 38                                        HARD COPY ONLY

Muliple Hop Sporadic E Diurnals

2001Robert Magnani K6QXY, Robert Mobile K1SIX,
James Kennedy K6MIO/KH6

Proceedings of the 35th Central States VHF Society Conference, p 81                                         HARD COPY ONLY

50 MHz Long-Path Propagation, 4

2003Jim Kennedy, KH6/K6MIO

Proceedings of the 37th Central States VHF Society Conference, p 8

Extreme Multi-Hop 50 MHz Es:

6/24/10Jim Kennedy, KH6/K6MIO

Proc. 44th Conference of the Central States VHF Society pg 74-88, ARR

Extreme Multi-Hop 50 MHz Es: Part 1 - SSSP

2010 7/2011Jim Kennedy, KH6/K6MIO, Eugene Zimmerman W3ZZ

Proc. 45th Conference of the Central States VHF Society ARRL                                                                                HARD COPY ONLY

Extreme Multi-Hop 50 MHz Es


Jim Kennedy, KH6/K6MIO

Proc. 44th Conference of the Central States VHF Society pg 74-88, ARRL

50 MHz F-Layer Propagation and Solar Cycle 242010Jim Kennedy, KH6/K6MIO 

Extreme Range 50 MHz Es: Part 2 TEFE

 Jim Kennedy, KH6/K6MIO 
Extreme Range 50 MHz Es: Part 2 TEFE


Jim Kennedy, KH6/K6MIO, Eugene Zimmerman W3ZZHARD COPY ONLY

Solar Cycle 24 Predictions: Solar Cycles and Propagation

Summer 2012Jim Kennedy, KH6/K6MIOCQ VHF

Worldwide Es Propagation on 27-29 June 2012

June 2012Jim Kennedy, KH6/K6MIOHARD COPY ONLY

Whats on Six News, 112 

August 2012Jim Kennedy, KH6/K6MIO 

Extreme Range 50 MHz Es: nEs or Chordal

Fall 2012Jim Kennedy, KH6/K6MIOCQ VHF pg 39

More on 50MHz F2 Propagation l

2000 and early
January 2001
W7JG, W3EP, K2RTH, K6MIO/KH6, etc.This interesting dialogue took place in an exchange of e-mails in late December 2000 and early
January 2001, initially responding to the paper `Six-Metre Scatter DX' by Emil Pocock W3EP which
was published in Six News issue 66, pp 51-54

SSSP: Short-path Summer Solstice Propagation,

2006Higasa, Han JE1BMJ CQ VHF, Fall, p 12                                                   English translation of the original article

World Above 50 MHz

July and AugustKraft, Joachim CT1HZE and Zimmerman, Eugene W3ZZ QST                                                                              NOT YET ADDED .. AWAITNG PERMISSION

More on SSSP (Short-path Summer Solstice Propagation),

 Luetzelschwab, Carl K9LAWorldRadio Online, November, p 22                           NOT YET ADDED .. AWAITNG PERMISSION

Worldwide Occurrence of Sporadic E.

1957Smith, Ernest K.U.S. Department of Commerce, National Bureau of Standards


1970Z, S, SharadzeTranslation of: +‘Peremeshchayushchiyesya Vozmushcheniya F-Oblasti Ionosfery i Sporadicheskiy Sloy Elr VOX. 13, NO. 7,  pp. 1001-1011                  NASA TECHNICAL TRANSLATION NASA TTF-13,483

Contribution to the Study of the Formation of Sproadic E


C. Taleb


Note on a Test of the Equivalence Theorem for Sporadic E

July-August 1960W. Wright and T. N. Gautier, Propagation, li'ebruary 4, 1960; revised February 23, 1960), JOURNAL OF RESEARCH of the National Bureau of Standards - D. Radio Propagation, Vol. 64D, No.4,


 KAZUHIKO TAONBS Technical Note No. 87

Thunderstorm Connected with Sporadic E Propagation

Sept. 2008Flavio Egano, IK3XTVDocument No 128

Variations in Frequencyof Occurence of Sporadic E

1949-1959W.B.ChadwickNBS Technical Note 117
Magic Days on “The Magic Band” Long Path on 50 MHz
 Part 1 & Part 2
January 2011 & February 2011Gene Zimmerman, W3ZZTHE WORLD ABOVE 50 MHZ column