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something about me

I am an Electrician, father of 2, Craig, a boy 33 and Stacey, a girl 30. Stacey my daughter has her ham ticket (KD7ZHR). Married to a wonderful man, Shamen. A wonderful addition to the family. She also made us grandparents 5 years ago (1st time) of a baby girl. Name is Persephone, born Nov. 19th 2003. Then she gave me another grand daughter Ophelia-Belle, Sept 25th, 2006. She just became a science teacher with a local High School. My Son Craig is an apprentice Sheet Metal man. Craig my son is not a ham yet, but I am working on it! .He just married a fine girl name Jaci, 4 months after the wedding they found out she was pregnant with our first Grandson.   We sure are excited about Parker coming to the household.


Parker Anthony Hayes has arrived by C section the 22nd of April 2009,  8lbs, 21 inches with huge hands and feet. 
He is quite handsome.  

   Another UPDATE!

Parker now has a little brother (Eli).  

Elijah William Hayes was given to us by C section the 24th of Nov, 2010 at 9:36 in the Morning. He came in at 7 lbs 15 ounces, 20 inches long with a 14 ich head.  And he was everybit as handsome as his older brother Parker.

I have been married for 38 years to a delightful woman (Bethe) also a Ham (KD7RLC). I have been an Extra since Feb 13th, 2003. Pretty well equipped for HF. Running a Icom 706MK2G on a g5rv up 60 feet and a Gap Titan. Set up for HF, UHF, VHF all modes. Setup for packet, PSK and looking at APRS. Just became expose to echo link and am totally taken back by it. What will lie in store for us in the near future? If you have not tried it, then you must (www.echolink.org ). 
Will not replace radio, but sure adds to it.

Hobbies are:

Carpentry, wood working here is some of my work , stain glass, metal work, electronics, ham radio, metal detecting, camping, travel, fishing, scuba diving and other water sports, And my wife could come up with a few more hobbies I have just forgotten or just won't admit to. My lovely bride of 35 years, says I will never grow up!

She is usually right!

Mike and Dale

That's me on the left, Dale W7LK and my Ham buddy, Mike KC7ZFP on the right

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