Beaumont Amature Radio club is located in Beaumont Texas, and draws members from surrounding counties as well as Jefferson county. The major industry in our area is the Petrochemical industry comprising both Major Oil and Gas Refinery's and Chemical Plants that produce fuel and chemicals making modern life possible.  Recently we have been the unhappy host for two major Hurricanes Rita and Ike, Both of which caused massive damage and inconvenience.   However we have over come these problems and today enjoy fine weather and good hunting and fishing in the many forests and wildlife refuges close by. The Beaumont club is one of four amature clubs in the area all of which are active in local community projects such as the Big thicket Bike Ride, the Don Allen Sports day at wild wood north of Kountze, the spindle top spin bike ride and other community activities.  We also work with the local emergency agencies to assist our local community during times of crisis.