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I am Sarath, vu3rsb from India. This is the virtual point for Hams and S.W.L's. Officially site launching soon. But use our E-Mail Service and tell your friends about this site and links. Absolutely free service for you and others. for comments and suggestions mail to [email protected]


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General information

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Frequency allocation

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Amateur radio

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Radio Data System (RDS)

A system to add text information to FM radio broadcasts which RDS radios can receive. Back to Index


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Remeber that radio transmitters need a permit to have and operate at the give frequency. In some countries (USA) you are allowed to do very small power broadcasts if you do not cause interference and stay within the FCC limits. In other countries it might be illegal to have this type of radio transmitter with you (exceptions are circuits for measurement purposes which are packed in metal boxes and do not have antenna so can't be used for illegal broadcasting). Remeber that if you operate a radio transmitter without a permit you can get quite high fines or go to jail in many countries. Even owning a radio transmitter without a permit is illegal in many countries. Check the local legistlation before starting to build or use any radio transmitter.

Other radio related circuits

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Radio frequency interference

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