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WeLCoMe T0 the World of HAM RADIO

Nobody knows when was Amateur Radio Operators were first called "hams", but we do know that Amateur Radio is as old as the history of radio itself. In 1912, congress passed the first laws regulating radio transmissions in the US, By 1914, amateur experimenters were communicating nation-wide, and setting up a system to relay messages from coast to coast (that's how we got our name, American Radio Relay League or ARRL, for Short)

Let Me Introduce Myself
Hi. I am Abdul Rauf , Thanks for having a look at my page., well I Love Ham Radio Very Much.
I am a active on HF & VHF whenever I Get time . I am residing in Mangalore.(Karnataka State) INDIA
We have a club called Mangalore Amateur Radio Club, MARC. MARC has conducted field days and IOTA
operation in the past year . I am the Member of MARC, Our Club Meets regularly on 2nd SUNDAY of the
I am active on almost all the bands " 40, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 Mrs. The station setup is Kenwood TS-50 &
Swan SW- 240, Antenna is G5RV homebrew for the band. My area of interest lies in DX'ing, Contesting,
Chasing rare Dx.

Abdul Rauf

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