Frequency Scaling

You've finally found the perfect antenna design. It has fantasic gain, nice front-to-back ratio, everything you've always wanted in an antenna. Only one problem... the design is for the two meter band and you want to use it on the 10 meter band! What do you do? Do you start your search all over again? No... enter the wondrous frequency scaling!

We are very fortunate that there is a very easy way to determine the length of an antenna for any frequency as long as we scale all of the measurements of the original antenna design. This means we must scale the spacing between elements, the lengths of each of the antenna sections as well as the diameter of the antenna itself.

This page allows you to calculate the length for a given antenna measurement and use the results to design your antenna on a different band. The formula for frequency scaling is simple... ( Original design frequency / New design frequency ) * Old measurement length 

Be sure to keep the measurements all in the same units, if the original frequency is in MHz the new frequency must also be in MHz. Also if the original length is in meters, the new scaled length will also be in meters.

Original Antenna Frequency
New Antenna Frequency
Original Length (Element, Spacing, Diameter, Etc.)

Your new length is