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Worked Republic Of India Award

Worked Republic of India Award

Amarteur Radio Society Of India, the national society, is issuing Worked Republic of India (WRI) Award to VU and Dx operators. You have to achieve a minimum of 100 points by working various VU stations on different bands. The points are different per QSO for different bands. I thank Mr.Sahruddin - VU2SDN (Award Manager) for his great service to the HAM community.

The present rules for claiming this beautiful award are as follows.

Original QSL cards or certified logs are required and must be submitted to the 
Awards Manager along with the letter stating the award desired.

Contacts with the same Indian Station on different bands will count for points, 
but, different modes in the same band do not count. QSOs must take place between 
two fixed stations. Contacts with portable, maritime or aeronautical mobile stations 
are not eligible. 

A minimum of 100  points are required to earn the award.

Award points:

Band               VU2/3    VU4/7    Special prefixes
160M                 3         5             4
80/40M               2         4             3
20/15/10M            1         3             2

Contacts on  12, 17 and 30M are not eligible. The Award fee is 5 IRCs. 
Send all applications to the awards manager,

B.L.Manohar Arasu (VU2UR)
MIG-6, 8) Feet Road,
Kengeri Upanagara,
Bangalore 560060

[email protected]
[email protected]

Received via email on 29/06/2004