Welcome to the Unique Hobby of making new friends through airwaves.

But wait...... Let me introduce my self and then my hobby.

Chirag Bakshi Chartered Accountant


Those of you who are uninitiated would not be able to make out my origin and country of residence but those of you who are Hams would know that I am from India. I reside in beautiful city of Vadodara. Cultural and Chemical Capital of India. What is so good about the Hobby? you may well ask.

The Ham or Amatuer Radio Operator is a licensed user of wireless equipment in LW, MW and SW which fall in HF range or High Frequency range. The VHF and UHF range is also licensed to an Amatuer Radio operator. Since the day Marconi invented this unique system of communication, Hams (no history of origin of this word!), have been making their own equipments and communicating with other hams. Today ofcourse we have range of off the shelf equipment which is state of Art and packs features which are mostly not used.

How is this helping the Society? It is a long list. In most cities there is a emegency radio service run and managed by Hams. They are controlled by Amatuer Radio operators Rules under Indian Telegraphs Act 1880.

I have a ICOM 735 with Three element Tri-band Yagi for 10-15-20 mtrs. It also tunes on intermediary bands with little higher SWR. In Vadodara we are about 12 active hams in a community of more than 100 hams. There is a 2mtr net on air every evening around 8.30 p.m. on 145.500mhz. If lucky we can also work stations as far as Dubai and Mumbai.

Till date I have worked around 2000 stations around the world including such rare call sign as CX and VQ for this parts of the world. QSL cards are pouring in and I am fortunate to have a collection of about 250 such cards from around the world.

for more details please feel free to email VU2QBX will be glad to reply!!

If you wish to send E-QSL just do it Send QSL you can view Logbook of VU2QBX and find out if your there.

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