Vigyan Prasar has started a training programme for the amateur radio enthusiasts in Delhi on June 1, 2001. The objective of the training programme is to provide guidance to the radio enthusiasts going to appear for the amateur radio operator’s licencing examination conducted by the Ministry of Communications. The one month long training programme was inaugurated by Dr. V.B. Kamble (VU2VBK), Acting Director, Vigyan Prasar-who is the founder member of  National Council for Science & Technology Communication’s amateur radio club station VU2NCT . An elaborate lecture was delivered by him covering all the aspects of amateur radio. He also apprised the participants of the utility of amateur radio. Eighteen (18) amateur radio enthusiasts have enrolled for this short-term orientation course. The participants are from various age groups and diversified professions with different educational backgrounds like commerce, post graduates in business adminstration, science graduates, arts graduates, engineers, management students and a few college going students too. After the inaugural lecture by Dr. Kamble (VU2VBK), a live demonstration of amateur radio communication was given to the participants by Shri Sandeep Baruah, VU2MUE. Several Amateur Radio Stations from different parts of the country (Karan Bakshi-VU3GTF in Delhi, Rakesh Kapoor-VU2RAK in Delhi, Kumar-VU2XD in Delhi, Deb-VU2DAD at Akaltara ,Chattishgurh, Madan Mohan Prasad,-VU2MMP at Begusarai, Bihar and Dipu Da, VU2DPD in Calcutta)  had provided their helping hand in this demonstration by way of making radio contact with NCSTC & Vigyan Prasar station VU2NCT. Different modes of radio communication (Morse code, telephony & Computer to Computer) were shown to the participants. Shri D.P. De, VU2DPD from Calcutta responded to the Morse Code call from VU2NCT and then voice communication was established with him. A very recently developed mode of computer to computer communication (PSK31) through amateur radio was demonstrated with the help of Shri Karan Bakshi, VU3GTF-a young and active amateur radio operator from Delhi. Text messages sent from VU3GTF’s computer was received at VU2NCT’s computer. Similarly texts typed at VU2NCT’s computer were received by him