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The moon, which had been in orbit for some 5 million years or more, was used as a natural passive reflector by the U.S. Army Signal Corps for the first time on 11 January, 1946 by bouncing radar (Radio Detection And Ranging} signals off the moon during Project Diana. On 29 November, 1959, voice transmissions were relayed from Holmdel, New Jersey to Goldstone via this same natural satellite.
The Moon was also used as a reflector of radio waves by the U.S. Army in the 1950s, when the existing channels between the US mainland and Hawaii failed because of atmospheric disturbances.

Moonbounce is another way of amateur communication worldwide on VHF , UHF or microwave. Radio amateurs refer to it as E.M.E. i.e. Earth-Moon-Earth and this describes exactly what happens; your radio signal leaves the Earth, is reflected back off the moon,and comesback to earth. The reflected signal spreads out, and can be received at any place on earth where the moon is above the horizon. One of the biggest thrills in amateur radio is the first time you let go of the key and actually hear your own voice or signal come back off themoon! In the near future when the moon will be explored by human and establish Lunar Cities there, amateur stations that will be located there will communicate with the amateur radio stations located on earth. Is it not amazing?