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Ham Radio Demonstration Programme in New Delhi

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Sandeep Baruah (VU2MSY)
, Scientific Officer, Vigyan Prasar, New Delhi with a 2m handy and Rakesh (VU3RDZ) in the demonstration programme at India Gate Lawns. Rakesh is putting the mic. to a young visitor, while Sunil (VU2UKR-standing just left to Rakesh)) explains ham radio to the young boy. The boy's mother  watches gladly to her son talking on the radio. 



The Culmination of the year long celebrations of the Golden Jubilee of India's Independence was marked by special events during August 1998. One of them was an exhibition organised at India Gate Lawns during 1-16 August, jointly by Vigyan Prasar and NCSTC. The event was successful in familiarising people with the role of science and technology in the development of the country and also projecting a vision of the country for the next 50 years. As part of the exhibition, a Ham radio demonstration was organised by Vigyan Prasar to popularize the hobby. This was one of the longest ham radio demonstration programmes in the country visited by more than 3,000 enthusiasts. More than 700 copies of the booklet entitled "Be a Ham! Talk to the World" , published by Vigyan Prasar were distributed freely (but selectively) to the visitors. The VU2NCT club station of Vigyan Prasar & NCSTC was operated by Sandeep Baruah, VU2MSY (Now VU2MUE). Many local hams provided their helping hand during the exhibition. The demonstration programme was actively supported by OB Karan, VU3GTF who operated the Bharat Scouts & Guides National HQ station VU2BSG.