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Is Amateur Radio Still viable in the Internet age ?

(The following views are compiled from the Excite message board)

"I think that the internet can compliment amateur radio. You can access more info,and network with other ops across the country,especially if you live in a rural area where the local ham population is scarce. Also,the internet relies on the telephone network,which can be overloaded or damaged in the case of a man-made or natural disaster. Ham radio would still be viable in those cases. We need to keep ham radio abreast of new technology,to keep it from being overshadowed by the internet,or cellular/PCS phones. Every technology has it's place,and has it's advantages and disadvantages compared to the others. Just my thoughts. "
-John (kb7mib)

"Ham Radio and the Internet are two different things. Apples and Oranges. Where is the challenge of communicating with the Internet? Plunk down the bucks and you are in the game. Ham Radio, however, takes commitment: to study and get the license, knowledge to assemble and perhaps even construct the station, perseverance to put all of this together and make it work. What a rush to call CQ and have a far away ham answer,with a station you have put together yourself. Nothing that happens on the internet compares with it."

"Of course ham radio (and CB) has a place today. The net is just another "mode", and the useage IS different from radio (packet, SSTV, RTTY and Fax have all been integrated into Ham Radio). For 50 odd years now, I have been interested in non-commercial radio, so I think I may know what I'm talking about, and I see no reduction to Radio in my area, in fact there is an upsurge in SSB use here. (I think anyone who knows anything knows what I mean). Radio whether Ham or CB is alive and kicking in Glasgow and the surrounding areas, and long may it thrive. If anything was to affect Radio, it would be the upsurge in use of mobile phones, as John said, rather than the Net, (everyone and their grandmother has one now), and this has not happened. I hope these remarks of mine are not considered "spamming""