The Photo Gallery related to the interesting episode of
Captain Fatty Goodlander (VP5GGX) & Prof Mani T.K. (VU2ITI)
at Kochi, Kerala


Captain Fatty Goodlander (aka Gary
Martin Goodlander, VP5GGX with
Prof Mani, VU2ITI
(on the day
when Prof. Mani went to pick
up the faulty marine rig from Fatty's
sailboat Wild Card)


A caricature of Captain Fatty
made by Sandeep, VU2MUE


Yacht Wild Card (Capptain Fatty and
Carolyn in the inset)

To know more about Cap'n
Fatty, visit:



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Read the complete stories on
this wonderful 'ham help' at:
(written by Cap'n Fatty)
(written by Prof. Mani T.K., VU2ITI, Cochin University of Science & Technology)


Prof. Mani, VU2ITI with
Captain Fatty Goodlander,
(On the day when the
rig (and the antenna )was
re-installed on the
sailboat. The rig now works
better as Carolyn remarked!)


Cap'n Fatty & Prof. Mani: Test run

of the reinstalled rig!


Prof. Mani with his son & friend onboard Yach Wild Card
: the delightful moment of reinstallation of the marine rig




Fatty_Goodlander (aka Gary Martin Goodlander-the salt
stained sea gypsy who has
been sailing (Sailors are for
sailing as he aptly remarked
somewhere!). Unlike sailors
with big sophisticated cruising
sailboats, Fatty has an entirely
different philosophy of life.
His sailboat is small, almost self-built and he sails all alone! Of course his wonderful YL Carolyn
gives him the company. Fatty's adventerous life can be better understood if you read his book:
"CHASING THE HORIZON: The Life and Times of a Modern Sea Gypsy" available at:


- http://www.americanparadise


Captain Fatty's Sailboat:
Yacht Wild Card


Captain Fatty with YL Carolyn and Yacht Wild Card on Sony Channel interviewed by Derek O'brian (Bournvita Quiz Contest)

We were fortunate to see Captain Fatty and his sailboat on the Sony channel !......
On April 15 midnight, 2003, my YL Nandita suddenly overheard 'Captain Fatty' on our TV and immediately she drew my attention. We were lucky to watch Captain Fatty Goodlander (Tim) & Carolyn on the 'Sony channel' interviewed by Derek O'brian from Bournvita Quiz (this was recorded earlier when they were at Kochi) immediately I recorded his voice. (The audio clip is available here to download-Right click and choose 'Save Target As' to save and replay). This is the first time that my YL could hear the real voice of Cap'n Fatty Goodlander!..Because when I contact him from my house, even I can barely retrieve the audio amidst the high noise due to my poor antenna and my equipment lacks the DSP noise reduction unit (probably!)! As if I am talking to an imaginary voice! But from VU2NCT club the contacts are good. It was a very thrilling experience for me to see him on the TV.

Introducing Cap'n Fatty!

Information about Fatty's Circumnavigation






This is the rig (Icom IC 718
with which I (VU2MUE)
made my first radio contact
with Captain Fatty on
14.345 MHz and then on 10.130MHz



This is VU2NCT club station
from where I (VU2MUE)
contact Captain Fatty on Sched
frequencies and pass on QSPs to
his family in the USA through
e-mail. Who says ham radio is
outdated!! Ham radio is a hobby

glowing with glory

News from St. John

Fatty's passage note from Rarotonga

Fatty's passage note from Galapagos Island

Cap'n Fatty on Ellen MacArthur



coconut.gif (991 bytes)
Sandeep Baruah 2003







Cap'n Fatty & Carolyn


The American style sailboat lunch onboard Yacht Wild Card at Kochi (Cochin, India)

Fatty-with-kids-Uligan13.jpg (6478 bytes)

Cap'n Fatty at Maldives. Fatty got a hair cut here and since then refused to expose his head! According to Carolyn, I was the only person to 'vote' in favor of Fatty's long hairs!








This web page on Fatty Goodlander is created as a memento of the 'ham radio help episode' that took place at Kochi, Kerala and as a memento of our friendship that has developed all because of a 'faulty rig'! Thanks to Carolyn Goodlander for keep me sending the images captured by her.
My acknowledgement to Jack, from whom I have taken the midi music
(Harry Belafonte's Jamaica Farewell-one of my favorite songs)