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NuMorse Morse Code trainer

A Morse code training aid

Author: Tony Lacy
Basic Platform: Windows 3.1
Product Category: Ham Radio
Product Distribution Category: Shareware, Freely distributable by all channels

Acknowledgement: Tony Lacy

Generates accurately timed Morse code in the Windows operating environment. In the early stages of
learning it can play as slowly as required. Sending speed can then be increased up to and beyond the level required by the users local regulations. Here are a few features: Sound card support. Choose which
characters to learn and add extra characters as required. Code played from random character stream, text file, keyboard or QSO generator. Alter code style to improve clarity. Full Prosign support included. Performance statistics gathered. Several modes supported that perform character guessing drills. You guess the character and NuMorse responds in various ways including a phonetic speech correction. The program can be set to speed up and slow down in response to your performance. Log files record user keystrokes as well as program output. The Windows clipboard allows cut & paste editing of program text into other Windows applications. Characters can be statistically weighted to send some more often than others. Code
output by sound card, PC speaker, code oscillator on printer port or semaphore window. Control codes in text files allow speed changes, voice narration and screen messages to be mixed with Morse code. The QSO/test
generator is user programmable. A comprehensive on-line help system is included. Written by ASP member. Reviewed in QST magazine.