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It is another leading organisation in India which provides technical support to the newly licensed hams. The person behind this club (VU2ARD) is Dr.Ashotosh Singh, VU2IF. He is the first ham from India  who was sent to Antarctica by the Govt. of India during its 1983-84 expedition. Equipment and journals produced by his club maintains a professional standard. Name of the ham radio journal published by him is SPARK. Novice can surely hope to get  technical help from this club which is required to come-on-the air after getting a ham licence.The popular Transceiver developed by Dr. Ashotosh (VU2IF) is
ATS-1 (basically meant of voice and morse code communication on 20m short wave band).
P.O. Box-4015, New Delhi-17

Telephone: 011-6991881

VU2ARD-A Radio Laboratory of Amateur Radio Association

The ham radio lab at VU2ARD