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Abbreviations used in Radio
Telegraphy (Morse Code)

AA    Artficial antenna
CQ    General Call
ABT  About
CONDX Conditions
AGN  Again
CU     See you
ANI   Any
CUL  See you later
ANT  Antenna
DF     Direction Finding
BC Broadcast
DX Long distance
FB Fine Business
ECO Electron Coupled Oscillator
BCL Broadcast band Listener
BCNU Be seeing you
ES And
BK Break
CK Check
FR For
CANS Headphone
FONE Telephony (voice)
CKT Circuit GA Go ahead/Good afternoon
CLG Calling GE Good evening
CO Crystal Oscillator GM Good morning
CPSE Counterpoise
GLD Glad
GND Ground
GUD Good
HI Laughter
HPE Hope
HR Here
HRD Heard
HV Have
KCS Kilocycles
LID Bad operator
MNI Many
MO Master Oscillator MCS Megacycles
ND Nothing doing NW Now
OB Old Boy (Young male operator:a novice)
OM Old Man (Male operator: not a novice)
OP Operator
PSE Please
PX Press
QRP Very low power
QSL Received
OK R All received correctly
RCVD Received
RCVR Receiver
RPRT Report
RPT Repeat the message
RX Receiver
SA Say
SED Said
SIGS Signals
SWL Short Wave Listener
TKS Thanks
TNX Thanks
TX Transmitter
U You
UR Your/ You are
VA End of work
VY Very
WX Weather
WID With
WKD Worked
WL Will
WUD Would
XMTR Transmitter
XTAL Crystal
XYL Wife
YF Wife
YL Young Lady (unmarried)
73 Best of regards
88 Love & Kisses!
BAREFOOT-A transmitter running without an external linear RF amplifier.
HARMONIC-  Daughteror Son of the ham radio operator (just as the harmonic frequency generated out of the fundamental frequency!)

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