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About Kerala Amateur Radio League
Kerla Amateur Radio league is a non profit organisation formed in 1980 devoted to promotion of amateur radio. We have more than 182 life members and more than 500 ordinary members (effective) many of them from outside India. The League has many firsts to its credit. The league is the first organisation to have life members from Canada, England etc. It is the only organisation to supply PCB's for hams enabling them to come on the air. We are also the only society to publish the Indian Ham which has become very popular among hams and old copies are still in demand. Membership is open to all hams and SWL's.

How will the KARL help you?
KARL was first in starting Ham Radio Correspondence course in India. It still remains the most complete course offered to SWL's and already morethan 1600 persons have benefited by the course. Many hams like Dr. OOMMEN VU2 MAF, Dr. PULIYEL VU2 DOC, Prof P.C.MATHEW VU2 MTW, Sabu VU2 ELJ, Venugopal VU2 LRL became hams by joining the course. KARL is the only Indian ham club to have ordinary and life members outside India. No knowledge of electronics is required for learning the lessons. All the hams mentioned above had no basic knowledg in electronics when they enrolled for the course. If you have any difficulty you can always write to us and we will help you. We also conduct contact classes at different centres frequently. if there are many students at a place the examination will be conducted there.

The course contains 60 lessons which cover Completely the syllabus prescribes for the test. They also give details about the examination centres, fees application form procedure in fact, all the information for writting the test Also a number of question papers with answers, are given at the end. Each lesson is followed by questions which you can answer and send to us for correction. A student join the Course will be made KARL member for one year and he will receive our periodical INDIAN HAM for one year free.

The fee for the course is Rs.450 plus Rs.20/- as entrance fee payable either in full or in three instalments of Rs. 170/-,Rs. 150/-& Rs. 150/- . The amount may be sent by money order - please give your full name and address and amount at the bottom of the money order. The amount may be sent by Demand Draft in favour of Kerala Amateur Radio League made payable at Kollam. The amount may be sent by M.O. in the same way.

K.George, VU2 DIG
Kollam - 690518
Phone : (0476) 620337 / 622955
L.V.Sharma, VU2 LV
Mukalethu Matom
Kerala - 691523
Phone : (0473) 428358 / 420133

P.Surendran, VU2 SYT
Chandra Bhavan,
Perinad P.O. Kollam - 691601
Phone (0474) 790003 / 552749

Courtesy - Indian Ham (Journal of KARL)

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