A news item published in The New Indian Express (Chennai Edition).

August 27, 1997

HAM Winners of VII Chennai VHF Fox Hunt

Chennai, Aug.26, The Chennai Amateur Radio Society (HAM) has announced the team winners of the VII Chennai VHF Fox Hunt held in the City on Sunday between 8 a.m. and 12 noon.

While P. Vetrivel (VU2 PV), C. Balasubramaniam (VU3 CBM) and Ezhil Arasu (VU3 MNE) were declared winners, Samy (VU2 SNS) and the Aravind brothers (VU2 XTL and VU2 XIB) came second. The third place went to J.Krishnamoorthy (VU2 JKJ), J. Ravi (VU2 DJR), V. Raghu (VU2 JRU) and Balasubramaniam (VU2 DZD). The winners were given prizes, and all the participants received certificates.

The foxy contest, which was concepetualised in 1990, requires the ham participants to hunt out the 'fox' in this case VU2 DDS, using directional antennae, map and the compass.

The instruction manual cryptically denoted the location thus: 50 Kms radius towards "nes" from 0 km stone of Madras city ofcourse not in Bay of Bengal.

The fun game can easily drive the participants crazy making them imagine the beeps of the 'fox' emanating from the most improbable locations. Nearly 20 teems and 75 HAMs participated, with their wives and children also pitching in on the hunt.

The successfull team zeroed in on the 'fox' about 5 kms from Periyapallayam in Thiruvallur district at 10.35 a.m.

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