A news item published in The Hindu (Chennai Edition).

September 11, 1995

Ham programme held for students

For students of the Santhome Higher Scondary School here it was a break from the 'study-study-and-more-study' routine.

Huddled together in their firs-floor hall this afternoon. they took part in a HAM transmission and reception programme organised as part of a HAMS for school,' by the Jawaharlal Nehru Educational Scientific Cultural Organisation (JNESCO).

Mr. Charushassan, Advocate, and Actor, a HAM since 1963, now in his role as an instructor, sai 'Its like shouting. Anybody can hear provided you do not plug your ears. If you keep your receiver 'open' you can hear anyone speaking.'

Mr. Charuhassan, using his advanced Yaesu make 5-W transciever demonstrated transmission and reception of signals. Another HAM from Kodambakkam, Mr. Madhavan, responded to Mr. Charuhassan's 'seekings' and addressed students on air. Then came the doubts from the wold-be HAMs: 'How can I become one? Where to get the equipment.....' A Very High Frequency could be assembled, Mr. Charuhassan said. But now, advanced and powerful equipment is available in the market. To become a HAM, one had to acquire a licence, which is got after passing the ASOL exam (Assistant Station Operator Licence examination), conducted by the Wireless Planning Coordination wing of the Union communication Ministry.

Br. K.J.George, principal, Santhome Higher Secondary School, who president, said the HAMs came to the forefront when other links of communication were cut off. Mr. M.R. Ashok Kumar Programme director, JNESCO, said the month long training of students comprised of a theoretical portion, consisting of basic electronics and practical in Morse code.

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