What is Callsign

What is Callsign ?

Radio communication - including communications by radio amateurs - is regulated on an international level by the International Telecommunication Union, ITU, a United Nations body. This organisation has assigned to each country in the world a unique code to identify the radio stations which it administers. The code consistes of a short number of characters.

Each amateur radio station is assigned a station identifier, the callsign - which is unique for the entire world.
The call sign consists of two or three parts:

/M indicates a mobile station installed in a vehicle.
/A indicates a radiostation operating from a temporary location.

What is a Short Wave Listener (SWL)?

Many radio amateurs started their hobby listing to shortwave radio. Starting with radio broadcasts from distant countries, they become interested in receiving weak or distorted radio signals on congested frequency bands. A very popular aspect of his hobby is to monitor radio communications on the many frequency bands, allocated by internation agreement to amateur radio.

Receiving other kinds of radio transmission, like standard time signals, may sometimes be very interesting. The reception of signals from radio beacons can provide usefull information about the propagation of radio waves.

The SWL very often builds his own equipment, from antennas to receivers and signal processors. And with the availability of personal computers, other communication modes, such as weathermaps, radio telex bulletins, slowscan television have become increasingly popular.

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