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Mr. Omprakash Khiyani [VU2KOC]

My Name is Omprakash Khiyani. I was born in 1957; my occupation is business, dealing in food grains. I entered into the hobby of Amateur Radio in 1972; till 1982 I was only SWL, just because of my lack of hold on English language. Today I am proud enough to say that my present fluency in English language is due to Amateur Radio.

In 1982 I got my Grade-I Licence and I am the first person to appear for the A.S.O.C. Exam. in Hindi to get the licence.

From 1982 untill 1984 I was on air with a QRP rig, home-brewed by myself.
In September 1984  I got my commercial equipment and I am QRV on the air.

I am one of the Net Controllers of a popular Net called as Belgaum Net which operates on 7045 KHz every morning between 7 a.m. to 8 a.m.IST that is 1.30 to 2.30 UTC every day. We get not less than 80 check-ins from all over India and from DX. This is all about my activities.

Equipment :     ICOM - IC751 + IC2KL + ICAT500 + Multi Band Dipole

QSL Info :         Omprakash Khiyani
                         "Sunflower", Sindhi Colony
                         Hindalga Road
                         Belgaum - 591 108
                         Karnataka - India

Contact Me

Off.    0091-831-460411, 460847 
Resi.  0091-831-446497, 446709


Latitude : 15 52 m North
Longitude : 74 34 m East
MSL : 747.67 mtr.





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