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                   I was very much interested in Electronics since my school time. I use to homebrew broadcast grade radio receivers, toy transmitters, battery eliminators and science models for my school competitions.

                     By the time I was doing my engineering degree in Electronics, ham radio turned more fascinating and I took up my exam and got my Gr. - II call sign as VU2DGX in 1986, later I got the Gr. -1 and then advance Gr. License, Call sign VU2DED

                     Homebrewing was compulsion these days as it was very difficult to get commercial built equipments. I build my most ambitious project which was a SSB/CW 40, 20 & 15 Meter triband transreceiver with 2 numbers of 807 vacuum tubes in the final of the Tx PA. I enjoyed this equipment a lot specially in the peak sun activities in the year 1990, along with my homebrewed 2 element quad. Later on I also used commercial ham equipments for communication spatially for digital modes.
Ham Radio to me has been a very interesting learning experience.
I work for National TV Broadcaster- Doordarshan India.