Homepage of Edward So

Amateur Callsign:
VR2XSC(Hong Kong) / M0HMQ (UK)/ KK5ES(USA)

Personal Information :

  • Name : Edward So
  • Amateur Radio Callsign VR2XSC (Hong Kong) / M0HMQ (UK) / KK5ES (USA)
  • Country of residence : Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China / QTH Locator OL72CG.
  • IOTA AS-006 Hong Kong group

  • QSL information:

    I am not a member of Hong Kong Amateur Radio Transmitting Society (HARTS),
    Please DO NOT SEND QSL Card via BUREAU.

    LOTW, QRL and eQSL Logbook around one week updated,
    For postage contribution, please include :
    A self addressed envelop, US$ 1
    Without the above, card will not be answered.

    P.O Box. 44493 Shau Kei Wan post office. Hong Kong.

    VHF/UHF Yagi satellite antenna system

    My QSL card

    [Diamond-HV7A mobile antenna] [Aplha Antenna-MOTO-SS] [Diy long wire Antenna]

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  • Interest : Amateur Radio Communication, Satellite Communication,
  • Interest : Astronomy observe, Astronomy photos. Table Tennis
  • Astronomy Equipment : 127mm Refractor FL=820mm telescope, 80mm Refractor FL=480mm APO, 90mm Maksutov FL-1200mm.

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    Hong Kong Astronomical Society

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