Antennas Test for AO-40 Operation

1.8 Meter Dish

1.8 Meter Dish. Helix Feed Helix Feed with Drake 2880 Converter Another view

16 Turn Helix

16 Turn Helix with Drake 2880. Ready to find the beacon ! VR2XMT and the Helix. It is suitable for portable operation.

0.6 Meter Offset Dish

60 cm Offset Dish with Drake 2880. Battery for the Drake 2880 2.5 Turn Helix Feed. VR2XMT and the Offset Dish.

0.6 Meter Prime Focus Dish ( G3RUH )

60 cm Prime Focus Dish - G3RUH. Drake converter and mounting. 2.5 Turn Helix Feed. Back mounting bracket.