What's in  VR2LL's WEB Site 's WEB?
This WEB site contains today  302 links 302 links 302 links  links (excluding the LogSearch Library) within  83 HTML files 83 HTML files  HTML pages,  4 Java applets  Java applets for navigation, DX news, VR2LL's logs and the Log Search Library, and some Javascript scripts. When entering this site, you see your screen being split into 4 frames. The left most is the navigation window, the bottom right contains DX spots from the DX Summit, the top right browses through the last OPDX bulletin and the middle right is the window filled up when you navigate.
The menu based navigation window is split into 4 sub-menus and 5 links. The "Overview" menu which contains a short description of the components used to make up this WEB site, some links of interest if your privacy over the internet is one of your concerns and three specific WEB management pages ("Why log out", "What's new" and "Thanks to"). The "My Logs" menu which contains the G4ZFE Java Search Applet allows you to access all my Logs. This menu makes you know my QSL policy, gives you the opportunity to ask for my QSL via E-mail and shows some traffic statistics as well. The "Bookmarks" menu which contains most of the links I've gone through while surfing on the Internet, is sub-divided into "CW only", "100% DX", "Islands" and "Resources". It's worth noting every link is given a remark and/or explanation. The "Hong Kong" menu which shows some aspects of Lantau Island and Hong Kong. The link named "LogSearch Library" leads you to a Log On-line Database you are able to query by prefix.
The Database contains, as of June 1999, more than  As of June 1999, more than 500 Log Links! As of June 1999, more than 500 Log Links! As of June 1999, more than 500 Log Links!  links.
I don't know more comprehensive Database with regards to Logs On-line made available for free on the WEB today.
The 4 remaining links that are accessible directly at the bottom of the main menu contain "Reciprocal Links", "Scuba Diving" links which are still under construction, "WEB Rings" and "Log out", the latest is useful to get rid of the Java Applets and Frames I set up on your side. At last, you have at any time the possibility to send to me a feedback and/or a request for updating a link using the hyperlink at the bottom of the navigation window. I had lot of fun writing these pages, I hope you'll enjoy them as well! Thanks for stopping by.
73's from Serge - VR2LL.