PRC2000 HF SSB Man Pack Radio




The Phasing unit and the ATU assembly. Phasing unit is the side band filtering and combination for RX and TX

The upper compartment is the ATU logic control unit and the lower is the Channel control and digital unit for panel function selector The top lip two small unit is PLL synthesizer unit The upper unit is the TX RF Amplifier and lower is the band pass filter both for receive and transmit.
The ATU and the Phasing unit plus the power amp and band pass filter


The power amp and the band pass filter with cover for shielding Close shot of the antenna tuning unit Another view of the ATU and the coil assembly can be seen



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Modern advances in semi-conductor technology offer the means of achieving a simple-to-operate, light-weight HF transceiver for military applications. Reliability and low costs are also desirable attributes. The transceiver was design to meet these design aims, and to cover 1.6 to 30 MHz in steps of 100Hz, with SSB as the primary mode.

Fast-switching ECL logic overcomes the phase-accuracy problems of the "third method" of SSB generation. It was decided that this system has definite advantages, and its main disadvantages, circuit complexity, is less of a problem when integrated circuits are used. The system requires only a single local oscillator, and a very suitable integrated-circuit synthesizer was already at an advanced stage of development. Crystal filter are not required, and spurious responses on receive and spurious emissions on transmit are greatly reduced (no IF, no image, no unwanted mixer products, good adjacent-channel performance easier to achieve)

The PRC2000 provides single side band voice or cw on any one of 284,000 channels within the frequency band 1.6 to 30 MHz. Channel frequency and mode may be selected manually from the keypad, but for ease and speed of selection the frequency and mode data for up to ten channels can be preset in memory for immediate recall when required. 

The transceiver weight about 8.5 kg with its battery and provide a choice of power output of either 4 watt or 20 watt.



Modes: A1A and J2A CW, J3E USB/LSB with speech processing

Frequency Range: 1.6 to 30 MHz

Number of Frequency Channels: 284000 in 100Hz step.

Frequency Stability: 1ppm

Transmitting Power: high 20 watt, low 4 watt

Receiver Sensitivity: 0.6 micro volt for 10dB (S+N)

Selectivity: 2.9 KHz better at 60dB

Antenna: 2.4 meter whip or Long Wire

Temperature Range: -20C to +60C

Relative Humility: 95% at +40C

Immersion: 1 meter in Water for 1 hour

Operational Specification: meets relevant requirements of MIL-STD-810C and DEF-STAN 07-55

Manufacturer: MEL, Crawley, West Sussex