UK Clansman VRC321 HF SSB Radio


This is a Clansman VRC321 radio. The frequency range is from 1.8 to 30 MHz. Power output is 40 watt. It is fully solid state and employed modern digital technology. with a narrow band filter for CW reception. The radio is  modular construction, rugged and fully sealed, waterproof  up to immerse under water at 1.5 meter.

Digital frequency selection in 100 Hz steps over the 1.5 to 30 MHz is provided. All frequencies are synthesized from one one reference oscillator, with a warm-up time of less than 90 seconds, and the frequency channels is selected by decade switches.

The station is used primary in vehicles for SSB ground-wave communication. It also has full AM and CW capability. RTT communication is possible with ancillary items.  Low pass filters are incorporated in the RT-321 to allow HF/VHF working in the same vehicle except  at harmonically related frequencies. When two HF radio HF radios sets are used in the same vehicles an additional unit (Selector Unit RF 25 Watt) is used which allows 15% separation between frequencies.

A 4 x 1 meter whip antenna is used for mobile working. Dipole and End-fed antennas may be used remotely up to 100 meter from the radio.

The power output of VRC-321 on SSB low power is 6 W PEP, and on high power 40 W PEP. The station operates from a nominal 28V dc supply. Alternatively the Power Supply 50A can be used to power the VRC-321 station from a 45-60 Hz AC supply.

General Descriptions :

The UK/VRC-321 comprises the radio RT-321, a low-power antenna tuning unit-Tuning Unit RF-25-W (TURF 24-W) and a suitable antenna.

When two HF stations are used in the same vehicle, a Selector Unit RF 25 -W is inserted between each RT-321 and its TURF 25-W to reduce mutual interference.

The station may be used with Clansman audio gear audio  plugged into the RT-321m or in the case of multi -radio installation in vehicles, with audio gear plugged into a control box in the clansman harness.

Low-pass filter are incorporated in the RT-321 to allow HF/VHF working in the same vehicle at harmonically related frequencies.

All units of the station are fully sealed and suitable for use in combat conditions anywhere in the world.

Beta light illumination is provided to enable the meter and the selected position of the Frequency Setting Switches to be read in the dark.


Right side photo is the under side chassis of the VRC-321. You can see the gold plated mini cable plugs.

The VRC-321 is modular design. Maintenance is easy to do in field by means of exchange module.




The Antenna Tuning Unit TURF 25-W.

The big white cylinder is the silver plated ribbon roller unit. The tuner can tune long wire, 16 ft whip antenna and pass through 50 ohm cable antenna.

Technical Specification:

Mode: J3E USB suppressed carrier dsd, A1A cw wide and narrow. rtt with ancillary unit.

Tuning: required frequency available within 5S of setting decade switches.

Frequency Accuracy: after 90S warm-up with in 22 HZ + or -, after 5 minute warm-up within 3 Hz

Receiver Sensitivity:

SSB and CW (wide): 1 micro V for 10dB (s+n)/n
DSD : 5 micro 30% mod for 10dB )s+n /n
CW(narrow) : 10 micro V for 20 dB (s+n)/n

Transmitter Power Output:

High Power : 40 Watt SSB, 25 Watt CW
Low Power: 5 Watt SSB, 5 Watt CW

Power supply: 20-32 V battery voltage with up to 7 V p-p ripple, surges up to 100V and short transients up to 600V . AC power supply unit also available.

Temperature Range:  -37 to +52 C with full tropical sunlight.

Humility:  immerse 1 meter in water

Manufacturer:  MEL, Crawley, West Sussex