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The Virginia QRP Society was started around 1996  with 4 members:  W4IDW, KB8IJN, AE4CU., KD4PUP


   Our sole purpose is to have fun with QRP, the most challenging aspect of the Amateur Radio Hobby.  We have:

No officers
Require no dues.
We do not publish a newsletter.  Everything related to VQS is posted on the internet at our yahoogroup page for all to enjoy.


All our contests operate on the "honor" system requiring no paper logs, just a one-line e-mail entry.
VQP members are involved in all modes using QRP, CW, SSB, and all Digital modes.
VQP members are encouraged to participate in as many contests as they can using the VQP as there club station on all contest entry's
VQP members have a yahoogroup so all can keep in touch and share information on upcoming cw events or contests and club events upcoming see the home page to join in.



If you would like to JOIN VQS, send an e-mail with your name, call, qth we will welcome all new members .