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Welcome to this page, you will find Information regarding our DXpedition to Montserrat Island (NA-103)

Here you can see a small excerpt of a map showing the location of Montserrat


( for more infos about the island click the picture )


QTH will be Woodlands, near ( under ) St. Peter's 

Operators on this DXpedition will be

Chris DL5NAM>
Klaus DL7NFK


We will be active on and around the IOTA-Frequencies as well as on the WARC-Bands.

All bands from 160 - 6m, mainly SSB, sometime Pactor, PSK31 and CW

Date of operation

We will arrive on Antigua on October, 24 and will use the first ferry to Monserrat the next morning. Hopefully we will be able to set up a first active Station until evening (if nothing goes wrong). Departure will be on Nov, 9 at around noon.

Our Equipment


VP2MCS direct to:

Chris Sauvageot
Guttenburg 19
91322 Gr�fenberg

Attention ! inside EU: 1 Euro or 2 US$; outside EU: 2 Euro or 3 US$ and always a SAE !

For LOG SEARCH please go to our logbook