The Baccalieu Amateur Radio Klub Inc. offers classes in Amateur Radio usually once a year for each of the three areas of Amateur Radio; Basic, Advanced and Morse Code. The demand for a given area usually determines which classes are offered and when, but we try to have at least one of each per year.



The Amateur Basic Course consists of eight elements. They are;

1) Regulations
2) Operating Procedures
3) Station Assembly & Safety
4) Electronic Components
5) Basic Electronic Theory
6) Feedlines & Antenna Systems
7) Radio Wave Propagation
8) Interference & Suppression



The Amateur Advanced Course has seven elements. They are;

1) Advanced Theory
2) Advanced Components & Circuits
3) Measurements
4) Power Supplies
5) Transmitters, Modulation & Processing
6) Receivers
7) Feedline Matching & Antenna Systems



The Morse Code Course consists of just two elements, Sending and Receiveing. New regulations in Canada provide for full HF(high frequency) access with an 80% pass on the Basic Exam. The "Code" is simply an organized series of dots and dashes to represent the letters, numbers and punctuation marks used in everyday language. In radio these are transmitted as sounds which, when heard, are like "Dits" and "Dahs".


Designated Examiner- Dean / VO1VB

That's about all there is to it. It may sound like there is quite alot to learn, but you may be suprised to find out how much of it you already know. If you are interested in taking one of our courses, please contact us by eMail or call any of our members by phone, and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.