>>> Our History <<<

The Baccalieu Amateur Radio Klub was formed back in January 1993, and since then, it's goal of promoting and utilizing amateur radio in the community, has remained the mainstay of the group. We keep active in the community as much as we can and always welcome invites from schools, youth groups and others to come and explain what we are all about. In 2002, we incorporated the club as a not-for-profit community group, and changed the official name to "Baccalieu Amateur Radio Klub Inc." You can view the clubs "Articles of Assocation" or the current "Members List" by clicking on the link.


We set up an ARES group in 1999, and apply a lot of our time to that endeavor. ARES has, for the most part, been the driving force behind the klub since then. We have aquired a multitude of gear, ranging from complete HF, VHF, UHF stations, to towers and antennae, all for portable use. Our local repeater, VO1TCR, has been set up with a hugh (12VDC @ 1200AH ) set of batteries that can keep it running for up to 10 days (in constant use), making it useable even when commercial power is out for long periods. We also have a back-up gas powered Gen-Set that we can use to run the repeater or a battery charger, if needed.

>>> Our Activities <<<

Aside from the regular events that all club do, we carry on a fine variety of other activities. We operate VO1A, and have a display of some very old homebrewed gear, at the local museum, in Harbour Grace. Amoung the items there, you will find the two largest and most prized pieces, 80m and 20m rigs. These were built, from scratch, and operated by the original holder of VO1A, Mr. Ernest Ash ( SK ). Because of the age and value of these rigs, we do not use them. Rather, we keep them inside glass showcases to help preserve their current state.The rig we use is an old Hallicrafters SR-140 that belonged to another local ham, Mr. Harold Trainer, VO1DR ( SK ) which was donated by his XYL after his passing. We usually run this rig in the summer months during the tourist season and have found it to be a real hit with the tourists, and museum operators.

We also activate another klub callsign as often as we can, that is VO1CIA. The call stands for Carbonear Island Adventure. Carbonear Island is situated in the middle of the mouth of Carbonear harbour and was designated as a National Historic Site due to the roll it played in the defence of the town during the 16 & 1700's, when the French forces from Placentia attempted to capture the mainly English settlement. We endeavor to get this call on the air during IOTA every year, but because of sea conditions, it is not always possible to do so.

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