.: Equipment Reviews

I have decided to write some user reviews on radios I currently use or have owned in the past.
Note these are simply user reviews - not technical reviews.

  Yaesu VX-7R 6/2/70 FM Portable.
  Icom IC-271A 2m All mode.
  Yaesu Ft-2800M 2m FM.
  Yaesu FT-847 HF/6/2/70 All mode.
  Dick Smith Q1755 23A PSU.
  LDG AT-100 Pro HF Tuner.
  Yaesu FT-480R 2m All mode.
  RFI 16 Element 70cm Yagi.
  Arrow 4 Element 2m Yagi.
  Cushcraft 10 Element 2m Yagi.
  Yaesu FT-1907R 70cm FM.
  Puxing PX-888 70cm FM Portable.
  Puxing PX-777 2m FM Portable.