Operator Background

Nick Hacko, VK2ICV

1977 - Passed his full callsign exam at age 13.
Had to wait for another 2 years to be elegible for callsign.
1979-1984 - YU7QDT, YU Contest champion over 20 times.
1984 - Yugoslav Military Morse Code champion.
1985 - YU7XX and contest operator at stations YU1EXY and 4N7A.
1992 - DL/YU7XX (Moved to Germany)
1994 - VK2ICV (Moved to Australia)
1997 - VK9LX Team leader Lord Howe Is. DXpedition.
Second Place Oceania multi op. category in CQWW CW
1998 - VK9LX Team leader Lord Howe Is. DXpedition.
1999 - VK9LX solo operation, 
10.000 QSO's in 6 days, all bands 160-10 + WARC and RTTY

Editor of 'Who's Who on the TopBand' http://www.qsl.net/160

Age 36, married, with one son 2 1/2. 
Owner of watch and clock repair and restoration business in Sydney.

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